Remember Bill Paxton By Watching Near Dark!

Bill Paxton had an amazing career and had many signature roles, but for me his best work was as the vampire Severen in Near Dark.  Near Dark is one of the greatest horror movies of all time, and Paxton was great in it.  He was a terrifying cold and ruthless killer.  His Severen was everything a vampire was supposed to be.  His skin may not have sparkled in the sunlight, but Paxton’s performance dazzled on screen.

We never really get to know the stars in our movies, so it is fitting we remember them by the films they were in, and there are few films better than Near Dark.  While it is true Paxton doesn’t get all the credit for that, he should still get a lot since a horror movie is only as good as its monster, and Severen was gloriously monstrous.

With Bill Paxton’s wonderful body of work he has insured that he will be remembered for ages to come, and if you haven’t seen Near Dark, you should do so immediately.  Paxton’s role will scare you in all the right ways, and you will not be able to get the film out of your head because of it.  In fact, ever since I heard Bill Paxton had passed away, Near Dark is all I can think about, and how he will no longer be bringing characters like Severen to life anymore.