Re-Reading The Trawn Trilogy Proves The Expanded Universe Isn’t Dead!

Thrawn Trilogy

I decided that my life needed a little more Star Wars, so I decided to re-read the Thrawn Trilogy.  These books are really old and if you haven’t read them you totally should, but since they have been out there so long I am not going to review them, I am just using them to make a point.  Just because Disney has decided to kill the old expanded universe it doesn’t mean that those works are dead.

Sure this adventure with the original Star Wars cast isn’t canon anymore, but that doesn’t change the fact that they are engaging and fun to read.  The same is true with the Knights of the Old Republic video game.  Sure it may not be in the official Star Wars universe anymore, but the game isn’t worse for it.

Thrawn is still one of the best Star Wars villains of all time regardless of whether he is official or not.  I am happy that I spent time with him again.  If you are still in the dumps about Disney “throwing out” your favorite Star Wars character or piece of fiction, don’t be.  Just reread it or replay it, and I am sure you will have just as much fun as the first time.