Ragnarok Came For Thor, And It Was Glorious!

Thor finally got the movie he deserves.  It is big, loud and silly, and he got to bring his friend from work along for the ride.  That is not to say Thor: Ragnarok is a perfect movie, just that it is way better than Thor’s two previous films, and Taika Waititi proved that a director’s unique talent and style can add to a film not just take away from its marketability.

As far as timeline goes, Thor: Ragnarok takes place some time after Thor: The Dark World, but not much longer after Doctor Strange.  Thor apparently has been busy looking for Infinity Stones, but he was not having much luck, so he has decided to make sure that the prophesy about Ragnarok (the end of Asgard) never comes true.  Things were looking up until his long lost sister Hela comes to visit and throws a wrench in his plans.

Thor: Ragnarok is probably the funniest of the MCU films.  There are jokes and sight gags galore.  It is apparent that Taika Waititi set out to make this movie a comedy above all else, and the comedy is what works best.  Whether it be buddy moments between Banner/Hulk and Thor, or the brother versus brother one-upmanship of Thor and Loki.  It is all great, and it all works well.

What works less well are the action scenes.  It is almost like they were thrown in to remind us that this is a Marvel movie.  Like some suit reminded Waititi that Ragnarok sill needed its three or four major MCU action sequences.  They are not bad, but they are just not as good as the film’s lighter moments, and some of them feel a little obligatory.  What is worse is that all the money seemed to spent on The Hulk and the movie’s amazing sets, so the CG for all the fights and chases don’t look quite right.

The actors from all the previous films continue to be great, but the new additions really hold their own.  Obviously we all know that Cate Blanchett is extremely talented, and she was clearly enjoying herself as the over the top Hela, snarling with glee in all her scenes.  Tessa Thompson was also very good as the conflicted Valkyrie.  Not to mention this movie also throws Karl Urban and Jeff Goldblum in to the mix, and those two almost always make any movie better.

Thor: Ragnarok is the movie that the MCU needed.  It is funny and unique and it reinvigorates Thor and Loki’s characters.  Before I was kind of done with them, but now I can’t wait to see what they get up to from here on out, and any extra time spent with Ruffalo’s Hulk, is time well spent.  So grab your tickets and your popcorn and go see Thor: Ragnarok.  It is a ton of fun.