Dynamite Wants Red Sonja To Get Some Of That Wonder Woman Money!

Dynamite Entertainment, the current publisher of Red Sonja comics, has optioned their fiery red headed barbarian to Millennium Media to be turned in to a feature film … again.  Last time it didn’t go so well making only $6 Million on a $17 Million budget, but they think with the success of Wonder Woman that now is the time to try again.  I am not so sure.  While her currant comic book run has been successful, Red Sonja is not the women’s power icon that Wonder Woman is.  She is more of a pin-up, and kind of always has been, but they have tried to change that recently.  All that being said, it has been a while since someone has made a good sword and sandals epic, so here is hoping they do Hyrcania’s fiercest warrior justice!