People Are Upset By Quantum Break Giving Away Free Stuff?


I was going to write a little post about how awesome Quantum Break’s Xbox One pre-order bonus of a free download for the PC version was, but instead I am going to write a little post about how crazy people are.

First a little background info: Yesterday Microsoft announced that anyone who pre-orders Quantum Break for the Xbox One would also get the Windows 10 version for free.  Not to mention backwards compatible versions of the Alan Wake games.  This pre-order bonus is a great idea.  It shows off the power of Microsoft’s new unified Windows 10 store and Xbox Cloud saves since you can sync your game saves between the two platforms.  Microsoft I am sure thought this would be a great announcement and that everyone would be happy.  They were wrong.

Xbox One loyalists got all upset that an exclusive game would ship for the PC on the same day and date as the Xbox One version, and that it would include Xbox features (the aforementioned could saves).  Somehow Microsoft releasing a game for both of its platforms made the Xbox One less valuable.  The Xbox One zealots felt like Microsoft was stabbing the Xbox One platform in the back.

This if course is crazy.  Microsoft should have been doing this from the start.  As soon as Windows 10 and the unified store launched cross-buy between the Xbox One and the PC should have been possible.  You know how great it would be to be able to play your games in more places, and keep your same friends lists and saves?!  And it is very close to being a reality.  Sure for Quantum Break this is only a pre-order deal, but it should be an all the time deal.  That way you can sell it to publishers like this, “You sell you game on the Windows 10 store you not only gain access to the millions of Windows 10 PC users, but to millions of Xbox One users as well and vice versa!”  It doesn’t weaken the Xbox One platform, it strengthens it.

Quantum Break was going to be on my birthday list this year, but now it looks like I may have to pre-order it so I can get both copies of the game.  For all of you that are somehow hurt by this great deal, look at the big picture.  This is a great thing for PC gamers and Xbox One gamers, and something that can bring more games to the platform and not less.  I hope cross buy is a trend that continues!