Oh Archer!

ARCHER: Archer, a new half-hour animated comedy series airing on FX

I got back to watching the show Archer, and for those of you that don’t know it is a show about an agent named Sterling Archer who likes to think of himself as the world’s greatest spy.  His spy agency is named ISIS, and is run by his emotionally crippling mother Malory Archer played by Jessica Walter, who is playing pretty much the same role as in Arrested Development, but that is fine because she is great at it.

The show is very funny and pretty much just makes funny of sixties spy tropes and the craziness of the characters that they put together.  The humor can be crass at times, so it is not a show for kids, but for those of us that are young at heart it is perfect.

A good over the top comedy is a good thing to watch sometimes, and it helps us forget our worries and cares.


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