No One Needs Wonder Woman More Than Warner Brothers!

So I know this came out Saturday, but I was rather busy yesterday, so I am going to talk about it today.  Is that okay?  I hope so because you really don’t have a choice.  The trailer above is very good, but Warner Bothers has a great marketing department.  The trailers for Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad were also good, but the movies themselves were lacking.  Warner Brothers needs Wonder Woman to not only be a hit financially, but critically as well.  As a mater of fact they would probably take less than stellar box office returns as long as people really liked the film, like they did with Batman Begins.  People tend to forget Batman Begins was a flop compared to its massive budget.

Warner Brothers needs to prove it can make good movies so they can keep up in the franchise arms with Disney.  Disney has the upper hand, but mostly because Warner Bros keeps bungling their releases.  Right now Warner Brothers needs a hero, and that hero is Wonder Woman.