Neill Blomkamp Is Making Alien 5!


So on January 1st of this of this year Neill Blomkamp, the director of District 9 and the soon to be released Chappie, showed off some sweet images of an Alien movie idea he had been kicking around.  You can see them all on his Instagram account here.  Then he dropped the bomb that if he wanted to make the movie Fox had already said he could.  He just wasn’t sure that he wanted to take on such a big project, and after the failure of the Halo movie I can see why.  I guess someone at Fox found a check big enough to convince him to try.  Alien 5 is a go.

Fox is still making Prometheus 2, but with the mixed reception the first film got, they are no doubt doubling down on this very lucrative franchise. I wish Mr. Blomkamp the best of luck because his concept art looked amazing!  Just in case you need any more convincing to be excited for this movie here is Ripley in a Space Jockey mask!