Geek Canon Isn’t Sacred!


For some reason geeks love to trash movies and TV shows that aren’t working for breaking canon.  Like somehow because a character’s origin is different, or they look or act slightly different than the paper version of themselves, that is why the property isn’t connecting with audiences.  It is a load of crap.  If something isn’t good, it isn’t because they didn’t consult the sacred texts.  If it is bad, it is bad due to normal problems like bad writing or poor acting/direction.  It is not just comic books.  Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Anime guys and gals love to rant about it too.

Marvel is doing great, and they aren’t following the canon at all.  The characters’ backgrounds and all sorts of things are totally different than they are in the comic books, and that is fine.  You will notice that the fans are saying DC should be more like Marvel, and follow the comic books more with their movies, but I am scratching my head and trying to figure out which comic books Marvel is following.  Sure they are using the books for inspiration, but the movies are completely different.  I am sure that when the Civil War movie comes out it will look nothing like its comic book counter part.

What matters first and foremost is that product is good.  If it changes things, who cares, as long as talented people created something fun with respect for what they are working with.  Sure it is nice if the people making the films and media don’t treat the canon like a dirty rag, but they surely don’t always have to worry about breaking it.  Lets not worry so much about the past, and maybe we should be hopeful about a very geeky future!