Moving Forward Unto Dawn!


I know you are thinking, “Why is Shmee reviewing something that came out on the web for free two years ago?”, but you know what there is a lot of stuff to watch, and I just got around to it, so I am reviewing it two years late.  Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn is a long commercial, but a good long commercial.

The story is about a group of new UNSC cadets, and the training they are going through to get ready for deployment in a civil war.  They are then attacked by an unknown enemy, and aided by the one and only Master Chief.

There is a saying out there that all the stories around the Halo games are more interesting then the stories in the Halo games, and Forward Unto Dawn seems to add more fuel to that fire.  It gives us some good backstory in to the events leading up to the war with the Covenant.  There are a couple scenes that happen right before Halo 4, but not enough that you would have had to play through all the Halo games to understand what is going on.

The actors all do a fine job with their roles, and they are much better then you would find in a normal web series, but it all feels a little like a made for TV movie.  You can tell that they were doing their best with the money that they had, but not all the special effects are convincing.  Still it is probably the best full length feature commercial I have ever seen.

If you like Halo at all then Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn is worth watching.  For everyone else this is probably a skip unless you want to get a little flavor of the Halo universe.  I am glad that I watched this, but it definitely is not life changing in any way.