Kimmy Schmidt Is Still Unbreakable In Season 3!

Season 3 of Kimmy Schmidt is now on Netflix, and it is a return to form after the funny, yet slightly disappointing second season.  Now Kimmy is trying to move her life forward by going to college and continuing to do odd jobs, but her life in the bunker just won’t let her go.

Things like her bunker-mate’s cult threating to get violent to The Reverend needing to get a divorce so he can marry a very misguided woman just keep getting in the way, but it is all handled with Kimmy’s overly positive go-get-’em attitude.  That is not to say she still doesn’t have to deal with some issues, because she definitely does, but she and her show are moving forward quite well.

I was very happy to see Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt get back on track, and I hope it stays there.  The only problem is that now I have to wait another year for more Kimmy, and that doesn’t seem fair.  At least it is something to look forward too.