Why Hasn’t Season 2 Of Supergirl Been Announced? Money!


Supergirl had quite the year.  It started off slow and way to cheesy, but it ended up being my favorite superhero show.  However, despite solid but not great ratings CBS has not yet decided to pick up the show for a second season because they feel it is too expensive, and they want Warner Brothers to slash the budget.  Of course with the current budget the special effects on Supergirl have still been dodgy at times, so Warner Brothers doesn’t want make them any worse.

The Wrap is saying that if Warner Brothers does have to cut the budget that they would want to move the show to the CW were they would have more control over the future of the series, and so they could further integrate the Girl of Steel in to the Arrowverse.  Though both sides like the show on a major network, so getting it renewed on CBS is still plan ‘A’.

I honestly don’t care either way as long as Supergirl comes back next year.  While I like the higher production values CBS’s money brings to the table, The Flash crossover proved how much fun it would be to have Kara in the Arrowverse.  Maybe there could be some sort of Crisis on say multiple Earths to make her a permanent Earth One resident?  The end of May is quickly approaching, so we will not have to wait too much longer to find out Supergirl’s fate.

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