It Is The End Of An Era: The Soup Has Been Canceled!


I can’t believe E! did it!  They got rid of the one reason to watch their channel; They canceled The Soup.  When I got the news, I wanted to drive down to LA and yell at some studio executives.  To remind them that they extended Joel McHale’s contract through 2016, but then I was overcome with sadness.  The Soup has been part of my weekly routine for what seems like forever (12 years).  Having Joel make fun of all the absurdity on TV seemed to make everything okay.  Like I wasn’t the only person that couldn’t believe all of the garbage on TV.  Especially since the station that was putting out most of the garbage in the first place was also airing The Soup, so it let us know that they were in on the joke.

Regardless it was sad new to hear, and I am sure Joel McHale will land on his feet, he is on the new X-files for instance, but I will miss his hilarious thirty minutes of comedy perfection every Friday night.