I Like 3D In Movies, But It Still Needs To Go!


I like 3D in movies.  One of my favorite movies from last year Dredd 3D was obviously in 3D, and it was fantastic, but it is time for the technology to move on.  It used to be fun and only on certain movies, but they recently tried to convince us that we needed to see The Great Gatsby in 3D.  It was a story about the 20’s for crying out loud.

Movies like Dredd and Avatar were meant to be seen in 3D because the directors thought about that process, and made them with 3D in mind, but most movies are not that way.  They take a 2D movie and post-process it to add the effect, and for the most part you can’t even tell except that the movie is fuzzy if you try and take your glasses off.  The only reason they do this is to jack the ticket price up, and since movies already cost north of $12 a ticket it is a little ridiculous.

If they only used 3D every now and then it would great and I would still be happy with the technology, but it has gone too far, and it is time for studios to do the right thing and reduce the amount of 3D movies they release.  It is too expensive and they are destroying their customer’s good will.

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  1. I agree. I enjoyed “Dredd” immensely, but it’s one of the only movies that I’ve seen in 3D that I remember in 3D. I’ve seen quite a few, and I can honestly say that my mind tends to forget the special feature after about 15 minutes, and I almost never remember it being a beneficial addition to my enjoyment of the movie.

    1. Yeah it is a shame too, because when it is used well it looks really cool, but for the most part all we get is dingy kind of sticky outy parts.

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