I Am Not Sure What To Think About Far Cry Primal

So the fact that Ubisoft is releasing a new Far Cry game is not surprising.  Far Cry 4 was the most successful game of the franchise thus far, but the direction they are taking with Far Cry Primal is surprising.  Yes it is another open world first person game, but it is not a shooter per say because there are no guns.  This game takes place during the stone age, so you may get bows and arrows or spears, but for the most part it looks like you will be hitting and stabbing your way to victory.  So I guess that makes it a FPS, but now the ‘S’ stands for stabber.

Another strange fact is that Far Cry Primal is being dropped in February of next year without any real marketing push or year long hype train.  That is usually not a great sign, but if they were worried about it, why release it at all.  They have enough money to shelve it or retool it.  They last thing they want is another Assassins Creed Unity fiasco.  Though if the turns out, I will be quite interested.  There are not a lot of games that take me back to the stone age to fight mammoths and saber tooth tigers.  I guess we will see how this all comes together the 23rd of February.  I will keep my fingers crossed.