I Am Not Ready For The Bryan Singer X-Men Universe To Be Over!


So the current rumor is that Bryan Singer’s X-Men universe will be over after X-Men Apocalypse and Wolverine 3 (Working Title).  I am not ready for that!  The non-Singer X-Men movies (X-3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine) have been terrible!  Now that he has been back the X-Men movies have been good again.  Really Good!  While I am excited to get at least two more movies out of the current X-Men story line, it will be really hard to let it go.  It also leaves me wondering if that means the new Deadpool and Gambit movies will exist outside of the current continuity.  It will be interesting to find out.

I just hope whoever’s hands the X-Men movie universe lands in are capable.  I can’t make it through another Brett Ratner period!  Though if Singer wants to come back to DC, I would love to see what he would do.