Hey I Completed The Witcher 3 Main Quest!


It has been a long road, but I figured I would give my final thoughts on the The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt now that I finally completed it.  It was pretty darn great!  It drags a little bit in the end of the second act to the beginning of the third, but it is a wild ride to the finish.  It really ties up all those loose story lines from not only this game but the second game as well.  It doesn’t lean on the events of The Witcher 2 too much, but if you have played that game it is nice that this one at least makes all that effort pay off.

Story wise I am not sure where they will go with The Witcher 4.  It seems like everything has been building to this game.  I am sure they will think of something, but we can’t go back to Geralt having amnesia and starting all over again like in the first Witcher game.  He also went toe to toe with the greatest mythical fighting force in the Witcher universe (it is in the title so it is not a spoiler) in the Witcher 3, so he can’t go back to being a weakling again.  They have kind of wrote themselves in to a corner (it is a really nice corner!).

My hope is that they go full Elder Scrolls or Dragon Age with the Witcher 4, and have Geralt start training his replacement.  That way you can be any type of witcher you want, and not be stuck being Rivia’s most famous monster hunter.  To be fair Geralt is pretty awesome, but it would be fun to be someone else in this beautiful world that CD Projekt Red has created (for video games anyway).  Whatever they do I am sure it will fun, and with all the enjoyment I got out of the Witcher 3, I will be there to put my money down.