Gravity Blu-Ray Update!

Gravity poster (3)

Gravity was one of my favorite films from last year, so I was thrilled to get the Blu-ray from my wife as a birthday present.  My thoughts on the movie haven’t changed much since I saw it last year, but I am still going to give my review of the disk, and the difference between the small and big screens.

Sadly this movie isn’t quite as awe-inspiring on a TV as it is in the theaters.  I have a fairly large TV (60″), but it just can’t compare to the feeling of having space seem to wrap around you like it did at the cinema.  That being said, it is still a great movie, and exciting to watch.  If you missed it in theaters, you still need to watch it now.  Just know that you missed something special by skipping the theater last year.

The transfer on the disk is flawless, I didn’t see any grain or screen particles whatsoever.  The sound is equally well done.  While you should use Speed Racer to test the color of your TV, you will want to use Gravity to test your black levels.  If the darkness seems gray to you, you need to adjust your set or get a new one because this movie has really deep and true blacks.

The Blu-ray set has a decent making of so you can see how Alfonso Cuarón made space come to life.  It is worth watching at least once, but the movie is the true star here.

If you missed Gravity in theaters, I feel sorry for you, but you should still watch this excellent film at home, or at whoever’s house you know that has biggest TV.  Just tell them that you will bring the movie and the pop-corn.  I am sure that they will be glad you shared this wonderful movie with them.