Get Out And See Get Out!

Thanks to Comcast feeling like they needed to lock me in to a one year contract, I now have access to HBO again.  Which means I got to watch Get Out for free just before the Oscars last night.  Sadly that means I didn’t get to post this review until after it already won its Oscar for Best Screenplay.  An Oscar Jordan Peele deservedly won.

Get Out is about an African American man, Andre Hayworth (Daniel Kaluuya), who is visiting his white girlfriend’s rich parents for the weekend.  Things are as awkward as you would expect, but then after a while things go from everyday racist to something more sinister, and Hayworth needs to figure it out before it is too late.  Actually he should just listen to his buddy and GET OUT!

Get Out is brilliantly written.  It uses horror movie tropes to shine a light on the little racist things people who say they aren’t racist do all the time.  From asking dumb questions about stereotypes to touching without asking.  Not to mention just saying all the things that make them not a racist to make themselves feel better.  Honestly, all of that was more horrifying than the horror parts of this movie.  Which are still pretty good.

Daniel Kaluuya gives a wonderful performance as Hayworth.  They way he understandably misunderstands what is going on as the normal crap he has to deal with everyday is completely believable.  Though my favorite character is Rod Williams played by Lil Rel Howery.  He is Hayworth’s best friend, and probably the best TSA agent out there.  He adds some great comedic moments, and is a prefect stand in for the audience.

Jordan Peele made something special with Get Out, and I am glad the Oscars rewarded him for it.  Peele showed that he had a lot of potential with Key & Peele, and it is great to see him living up to it.  If you haven’t seen Get Out yet, get out and watch it.