Games Of Thrones Season 6: The Season Stuff Started To Happen!


It is like producers David Benioff and D. B. Weiss counted up the remaining episodes and went, “Oh crap! We need to start wrapping things up!”.  Season six of Game of Thrones ran at a breakneck pace.  People were seemingly teleporting all over Westeros and Essos to meet up and make things happen, and to answer all sorts of remaining questions.  While all this action has been entertaining it has given the show a different flavor.  There is no time left to let things set and stew for a bit.

Though I understand the reason for the change.  Game of Thrones is going to be eight seasons long and we have completed six, and we still need to figure out who is going to rule Westeros to fight the White Walkers, and then of course they need to fight the White Walkers.  We all know that the end of Game of Thrones will be dragons versus the White Walkers, so season six did its best to clear the table of any remaining appetizers to get us ready for the main course.  The problem is that now we are ready and we have to wait just under a year for that main course to be served, and then a year after that for our frozen flambéed dessert.  There aren’t many big questions left besides how is this all going to play out, and I for one can’t wait to watch.  After all of the Starks’ promising, Winter is here!