Orphan Black Season 4, The Beginning Of The End!


It is all coming together for the clones.  There is almost nothing left to figure out, and they know all the key players, so it makes sense that next season would be its last.  Early on in season four of Orphan Black you could tell that things were changing.  Instead of introducing new mysteries, they were answering and coming back to old ones, and any new questions they had or uncovered were quickly answered.  The series is in wrap-up mode, so now there is only one thing left to do: bring it all down.

Now that they know everything, they can formulate a plan to free themselves from the corporation(s) that seek to control them.  It leaves me to wonder if next season is going to be full tilt action until the end, or are they going to throw one more monkey wrench for Tatiana Maslany’s wonderful crew of characters to figure out?  We only have ten month until we find out.  It will be a very long wait indeed.