Between Game Of Thrones And Orphan Black The Kings Of Spring Are Back!

Orphan-Black-Season-1The Spring TV premiers have sprung, and they are back in a big way!  Orphan Black seems more focused.  So far it has gotten rid of a lot of random side story lines and is focusing on just one weird one: What are those worm things?!!!!!  No one seems to know but I can’t wait to find out.  I am hoping for micro-clones.  The worm steals all the DNA it needs and then it turn in to a copy of that person!  Maybe not, but this is a show about cloning, so it would seem that it would have to be cone related.

Game of Thrones is back and managed to be both shocking and not terrible.  I am not sure they can keep this up.  They love doing pointlessly terrible things to nice and not-so-nice people all the time, so I think this was just the calm before the storm, but I am really pulling for them.  This show could use a few more good things happening.  At least until the White Walkers kill everyone.

With all of fall’s shows in wrap-up/sweeps mode it is nice to have a few shows coming back on the air.  They have started strong, let’s see if they can keep up their momentum!