Forza 6 Is What Forza 5 Should Have Been!


If you can remember back from two years ago I quite liked Forza 5, but Forza 6 is just a little better in every department.  There are more cars, more tracks, the graphics are a little more sharp, the cars handle just a little bit better, and the way you progress through the game makes more sense.  It is what a good sequel should be, more of a good thing, but in this case it also shows how limited Forza 5 was out of the box.

Two new track features added to this edition of the game are night driving and driving in the rain.  Driving at night isn’t that big of a change other than the corners seem to come up on you a little quicker, but driving in the rain is crazy.  Not only do you have to worry about keeping your car on the track at 150 MPH, but you have to dodge puddles while you do it.  Hit a puddle at the wrong time and you are no longer driving where you want to go.  They are dastardly.  Of course Forza’s signature ‘rewind’ feature is there to bail you out, but the added tension you feel on a wet track is definitely real, and if you are playing online there is no ‘rewind’.

It is also nice that this time around Forza is less reliant on micro-transactions.  While you can buy tokens to pay for things, the game provides more than enough in game cash to buy what you need, and with a little saving buy what you want.  Plus every time your ‘Drivatar’ levels up you get a free spin on a board that hands out anything from free exotic cars to cash to another new addition ‘Mod Cards’, so you always feel like you are getting something.

The aforementioned Mod Cards do a verity of things.  Rare ones will lower the weight of your car and add more power, while some will give you one time boosts to race payouts or Drivatar XP.  If the currant circuit you are on seems a little easy you can add ‘Dare’ Mod Cards that increase the weight of your car or lessen your breaking ability, but if you can still manage to win you get more cash or XP.

Forza 6 is more of Forza 5, but with everything tuned a little bit to make it that much better, and with more stuff added to make it a more complete package.  Not to mention a feedback loop that keeps promising more cars, cash, and cards that will have you itching to complete just one more race.  Turn 10 Studios has made yet another amazing racing game!