Downton Abbey Is Back For Season 5!


Downton Abbey is back, and you know that means!  More high society scandal and fabulous fashion.  I mean every show starts and ends with a Ralph Lauren commercial for crying out load.  That is not a bad thing, Ralph is great, but it is fun to watch a show that is not really in my demographic.

This show’s stories pick up most of the threads that were left open last season.  Is Mr. Bates now a killer?  Will Mary get married again? What to do about Edith’s child, and will the Abbey survive the changing political and economic climate of the 1920s?  We do not know the answers to any of those questions, but we are at least moving forward with finding out.  Which is nice because my main complaint with last season is that they didn’t resolve anything, so there is hope that they will at least give us something this season.

They seem to have brought back humor and politics.  They were there in season 4, but they were on the back burner.  It looks like they are doing there best to put them back in the forefront.  We get to see hair dyeing techniques that would make Ron Popeil happy, and the rise of the Labour Party.  This should give Tom at least some of his character back instead of being Lord Grantham’s second favorite pet.

It looks like this show has found some of the footing it lost at the end of last year, so I am quite excited to see the goings on of Downton Abbey!


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