Downton Survives Another Year!


Downton Abbey season five has come and gone, and while I was not to keen on the middle portion of the season (it has the Walking Dead‘s ability to get nothing done if it doesn’t want to) it did come to great close.  They tied up a few plot points and opened up a few more.  They also made me tear up a little bit which was quite nice (Shmee doesn’t have a heart of stone it seems).  I hope they will continue to move the plot forward.

They are going to loose a lot of characters in the next couple of years, so we will have to see how that goes.  It is always a struggle to bring in interesting characters to replace the ones that have left.  They have done well so far, but can they keep it up?  I suppose I will have to keep watching to find out.  Of course the big question is how long they can keep the estate solvent.  I am guessing at some point there will not be a miracle infusion of cash to keep the abbey going.

With five great season’s under its belt, Downton Abbey continues to be must watch TV.  I hope it manages to do so through season six.  It will be a long wait until January to find out.