Don’t Pre-Order Stuff From KMart!


Update: They shipped out my console at 2:50, so my nerd rage is slightly quelled, but when the consoles have been in your warehouse for a month this should have happened earlier.

You would think that this would be a no brainer, but in my lust for next generation console goodness, I ordered my system through KMart because they were the only place that had Day One pre-orders left.  The good places (Amazon/Target) shipped out their consoles yesterday, but I guess KMart is taking their time.  They did charge me yesterday, but as of yet have not given me a tracking number, so I guess they will ship it when they ship it.  They also do not have a cancel button on their website, so there is no real finding my console somewhere else either.  SIGH.  I supposes patience is a virtue I need to work on, but it is hard as an early adopter on launch day without even a tracking number to call my own.  NEVER AGAIN KMART!

3 Replies to “Don’t Pre-Order Stuff From KMart!”

  1. Lame! Sorry to hear that man! Looking forward to the review once it arrives!

    I finally picked up my ps4 preorder yesterday but haven’t even opened it yet. I guess this is what getting old feels like; buying something awesome but having absolutely no time to even open the box! 🙂

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