Disney Has A Problem!


Disney’s new big project is Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, and it is supposed to relate back to the first film in some way, which sounds good, but I can’t help but feel that Disney’s live action studio is in trouble .

Their Marvel and Animated houses are doing great, or even better than that with Iron Man 3 doing over $1.5 Billion world wide, and the people behind Tangled are releasing another princess movie this fall Frozen, but to release ANOTHER Pirates of the Caribbean seems like they are scraping the bottom of the barrel.

With the huge failure of The Lone Ranger, I was hoping that they would circle their wagons and come up with something more interesting, but I guess Johnny Depp acting weird is all they got.  I have heard no one screaming that they need more Pirates.  It has been a profitable series, but only the first one was good, so now most people hold the franchise with a little contempt.

I wish the studio the best, but it sounds like they are throwing good money after bad to try and fix their creative debt, but what they should be doing is trying new things, so they can have new franchises to milk until they die, but hay who am I, just some guy ranting on the internet.

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  1. Pirates is one of the few franchises I actually wouldn’t mind continuing into the unforeseen future. I am normally completely against this type of film making, but I find the Pirates world just so darn fun. Given we get some original stories and gimmicks each go-round, I would wouldn’t mind watching the crew of The Black Pearl scour the world for mythical treasures. I thought the series got muddled up by trying to expand the story of the first film (though I’m almost ashamed at how much I enjoyed watching Pirates 2) I enjoyed seeing a new storyline with “On Stranger Tides” I will concede that they need to reinvigorate the franchise for it to work.

    1. If the any of the last three Pirates movie would have been good, I would be excited too. I hope it works out though.

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