Destiny Beta Quick Thoughts!


So the Destiny Beta came out a day early for us Xbox users, and I thought I would give some quick thoughts.

People have been saying this game is a cross between Halo and Borderlands, and they are not far off, but for me due to the online public cities it seems more like Hellgate: London.  Though if they can make a non-glitchy Helllgate, I am all in.  That game was like a year away from being something special.  Though I do find it odd that the cities take you from first person to third person.

The graphics are pretty good, especially the environments, but the enemy character models can look a little cartoony.  You don’t notice it a lot when you are fighting for your life, but when it is just you and a couple of them standing around they look a little off.

The AI is hit and miss.  The Fallen like to hide against walls, even if those walls are facing you.  Sure that makes them easy to kill, but it is just kind of odd to see them peering around a corner away from you even though they were just looking right at you.

If you had any doubts about the shooting or gameplay mechanics, don’t.  The people at Bungie haven’t forgotten how to make an FPS.  The controls are tight, and they feel a little like Halo mixed with Call of Duty, so console FPS players should be right at home.

So far Destiny has been fun, and I can’t wait to play it more.  It is going to give Borderlands a run for its money in the Co-operative First Person Looter space.  Still, I think there is more than enough room for both of them.  I will let you all know if my first impression about this game change at all.  However since it is in free beta now, my advice would be to find a download key and try it yourself!

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