DC/Marvel Comic Book Review Double Shot!

I have been reading quite a few comic books lately, and I am really disappointed in myself for being away from them for so long!  I thought today I would bring you not one, but two mini reviews of new Issue #1 comics I started this week. Up first:

Captain Marvel #1:


I know you are thinking, “Hey didn’t they just do a Captain Marvel #1 with Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, and didn’t you review it?”  Yep, but they decided that it worked so well that they are going to do it again! Sort of.

This Captain Marvel starts a few months after the events in the last Captain Marvel series, but now Carol is off to space to keep an eye on things, and help out a mysterious friendly Alien.

Captain Marvel in space?  Yes please, and if they can keep up the good art style and witty dialog it should be a great series.  The only downer I can see is that for future collectors the numbering of the issues is going to get real confusing.  People asking themselves, “Which Captain Marvel #1 with Carol Danvers on the cover is this?”  Won’t someone please think of all the confused nerds!

I appreciate them letting people know when they are starting a new story, but maybe they should try out a new numbering scheme similar to TV shows like: 1-1 for series one, 2-1 for series two, and so on.  That way when we are in the store we know what we are buying without having to read half of the book.  Still it is a fun issue, and you should read it.  If you get the wrong Captain Marvel #1, your in luck because that is a good book too.

Forever Evil #1


It is the New 52’s first major crossover event!  The super bad guys from Earth 3 have come to Earth prime to rule it after all the Earth 3 people got all uppity forcing Ultraman and crew to destroy it.  They say they have “killed” all the heroes, and they are looking for some new villains to help keep the “peace”.  Someone forgot to tell them that Lex Luthor doesn’t like to share the world with anyone.  Especially a Kryptonite snorting Superman lookalike. (Yes you read the right)

The content of this book seems a little forced, but the artwork is amazing!  The double centerfold (sorry not the girly kind) with all of the villains on it is worth the price of admission by itself.  I think this is a smart book for DC.  If they have one thing over Marvel, it is that they have the coolest villains, so why not let them shine for a few issues?

There are a lot of Forever Evil crossover books to read, but I think I will just stick to this main ark.  This series has a lot of potential, and the 7th and final issue comes out next month! Yeah for short a short series!  I can’t wait to see Lex unleash everything he has got.