David Fincher Is Directing World War Z 2?!!!

World War Z hasn’t held up well.  It was an okay action film that turned zombies in to insects, so while Brad Pitt has been pushing for a sequel, I have been hoping for the opposite.  That all changes now!  According to Variety David Fincher is close to signing a deal to direct the sequel.  David Fincher is one of the greatest directors working.  I mean if Alien 3 and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button are your worst films, you are pretty good, and if anyone can make World War Z work it would be him.

I guess Brad Pitt has been begging him to do it for quite a while now, and Fincher has finally given in.  I just hope that he can bring something new to the very tired zombie action formula.  A zombie thriller perhaps?  Maybe there are threats of a new zombie outbreak and people are desperately trying to find its cause?  Man that could be a good film.  David if you are reading this drop me a line so we can talk story ideas, and don’t let Brad write it.