Constantine Is Done, Or Is It?


Well NBC announced their renewals and Constantine wasn’t on the list, and I am guessing that is it for the show, but new rumors say that might not be the case.  According to NBC execs were very happy with how the show did on SyFy during a marathon, and they may move the show over there.  Not only that, to get the old school comic book fans on board they are thinking of changing the name of the show to the title of the comics: Hellblazer.  This move off of a major network and on to cable would allow the show to get a darker, and feature more of what Constantine is known for.

Obviously this is just a rumor, and I fully expect Constantine to be canceled, but the DVR and On Demand numbers were so good for this show that it would make some sense to keep it alive.  I kind of wish that it would move to The CW, so Constantine could hang out with the rest of his DC friends.  TV Justice League for the win!  I am sure we will hear of Constantine’s final fate shortly, and regardless of how this all turns out.  It has been fun having him on TV if only for a little while.