CD Projekt RED Doesn’t Owe You Better Mod Tools!


Gamers are an odd bunch.  CD Projekt RED made one of the most massive RPGs of all time in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, released 16 free downloadable content packs, and are hard at work on two expansions they say will add over thirty hours of play time to the game, but a group of PC gamers are saying they are going to boycott the company.  Did CD Projekt RED encrypt their game with some sort of virus like DRM scheme (I still remember Sony!)?  Nope.  Actually there is no DRM, the problem is that some gamers feel that the free mod tools that were released aren’t good enough.

That’s right the free tools you can use to change and add to the game are not all encompassing.  I mean how dare CD Projekt RED even release their game.  It is like some sort of travesty.  Sure since the game is DRM free you could simply decompile it and use or make your own tools, but that is besides the point!  Or this could be some sort of major overreaction on a massive scale.  Yeah I am definitely thinking this is an overreaction.  I mean I am not even sure how gamers think they have the right to be so upset.  Sure there is nothing wrong with asking if CD Projekt RED is ever going to update the tools with a few more features, but to be mad about a developer bending over backwards to make gamers happy is baffling.

I would love to say that this is the first time gamers have been so upset by so little, but I can’t.  Heck they had already blown-up about The Witcher 3 because they thought the graphics were “downgraded” from the promos they saw earlier.  Gamers did have a couple of instances were the promos did look better then the game that shipped, but overall The Witcher 3 is one of the best looking games ever made, so to be so angry about amazing visuals is so mind bogglingly off-base I can’t even begin to understand where they are coming from.

All of this to say game developers owe us nothing.  They make a game, and if we like it we buy it.  That is the relationship, and I have to say The Witcher 3 is a game that pretty much everyone should play (if you are an adult).  It is that good.  Now if the lack of complete mod tools and slightly less than perfect visuals mean that you are uninterested in the game, fine don’t buy it.  That is your choice, but if you bought the game before the mod tools were out, and now you are angry they are not up to snuff, that was the gamble you took.  It is shame that “all” you got for your money is “only” one of the greatest modern RPGs of all time, and you can only mod it a little (or a lot if you wait for people to make their own tools).  I hope you will be able to deal with those poor amazing graphics too.