Terminator Genisys Looks Good … ?!


I was fully prepared to hate this movie without watching it, but I have to admit that they made a fine trailer.  Ugg.  Well I hope the movie delivers (I still don’t think it will).  I wonder what major trailers for next year will pop-up next?  Ant-Man I would guess, but we will see shortly.

Jurassic World Verus Pan!

Two major trailers came out yesterday, Universal’s Jurassic World and Warner Brothers’ Pan.  While they may not have a lot in common, both studios hope that these will build to future franchises, and they are both trying to use existing material lure you in.  Let’s start with Jurassic World shall we!

I have been skeptical of this movie since it was announced, but this trailer did a good job of getting me interested.  I love the idea of exploring a working Jurassic theme park, also Star Lord, but I am less keen on having a giant velociraptor be the main threat.  With that many people in the park it doesn’t seem like a super-smart predator is necessary.  But like I said, I am interested in this film now, so job well done.

Let’s see what Warner Brothers brought us with Pan shall we?

Again I am more interested in this movie now than I was before, but I still have a lot of reservations.  I am not sure that Peter Pan and Hook need an origin story, and this movie has the same problem that all prequels do, we already know where this movie ends up: One’s experiences make him a hero, the other a villain (I will let you figure out which is which).  Oz The Great and Powerful suffered for the same reason.  Though the special effects look amazing, so it may be worth the price of admission just to see cool stuff.

Two big movies banking on you wanting to see more based on well known material.  Do you?  I am still struggling to figure out if I do, but it is hard for my inner thirteen year old self to turn down dinosaurs on the big screen.