The New Fantastic Four Trailer Is Out!

Oh man I was worried that I would have to review Pompeii today, but the Fantastic Four came to the rescue!  Not having to write about Pompeii, if even for one more day, makes this group my Heroes!  Also that being said, it doesn’t look as bad as I was expecting.  I mean there has been complete radio silence about this film, and it comes out in August.  I really hope this comes together since this is Fox’s other big chunk of the Marvel Universe.  Fantastic Four plus the X-Men could be really great.  I got my fingers crossed!  But with the history of the Fantastic Four movies, I am hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.

New Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer!

The new trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron is out, and while it is not as perfect as the teaser that they released it does give us a better look at the Hulk versus Iron Man fight.  It also lets us know that this is all really Tony Stark’s fault.  Not that anybody was doubting that, but still.  I am ready for this movie.  May cannot get here fast enough!

Shmee’s Most Anticipated Movies For 2015!

I loved the movies from 2014, but something tells me 2015 is going to be something special!  Why?  I will show you why with my Most Anticipated Movies For 2015 List!

5: Jupiter Ascending


I probably shouldn’t be excited about this movie since it was on my list for 2014, and moving a movie around is usually a sign that the studio doesn’t have any faith in it, but the Wachowski siblings haven’t totally let me down yet.  Plus I can’t stay away from a space opera!

4: Mad Max: Fury Road


I wasn’t excited about this film when it was first announced, but thanks to a wonderfully insane trailer, I am pumped for this film.  So much so that I ordered the last three movies on Blu-Ray to get ready.  You will get my review on those flicks after I watch them again.

3: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2


This series took a step back with Mockingjay Part 1, but I think Part 2 will be a return to form.  It is a shame they didn’t just do one movie, but they managed not to kill my excitement for this franchise.  You will know were to find me in November.

2: The Avengers: Age Of Ultron


The first Avengers movie was one of the biggest of all time, so there is a lot riding on this movie, but Disney hasn’t let me down yet.  I am betting this movie is going to be great!  If this was any other year this would be my number one movie, but this is not any other year.  Which brings me to number one!

1: Star Wars: The Force Awakens


Oh man a new Star Wars movie!!!!  I know the prequels should have should have me doubting this movie, but I can’t.  It is a freaking Star Wars movie, and then the trailer was pitch perfect.  Christmas can’t get here fast enough.

Well there you have it, now you know what movies I am looking forward too, and amazingly this list only had one comic book movie, which considering my Top for 2014 list and the number of comic book movies coming out next year that is pretty incredible.  What is your 2015 list?

Mad Max Looks Insane!

I was a little late with this trailer, but it is my site so things get posted when I say so!  Or unless The Paladin gives me that dispointed look.  Anyway … I thought the next big trailer would be Ant-Man.  It wasn’t.  It was Mad Max: Fury Road, and it looks amazing.  I was worried the series would suffer being separated from the 80’s (well the first one came out in ’79, but close enough), but it looks like it made the translation to the 20-teens quite well.  This movie is running up my most anticpated films of 2015 list.