What Are The DC Shows On The CW Up Too?!


I am watching the season finales of the CW’s DC shows and I have to wonder what the heck is going on!  I am not one to reveal spoilers, and I am not going to start now, but I am super confused.  I guess I will have to watch next year to find out, but I am not happy with the way things are going.  With the exception of the fact that Legends of Tomorrow finally uttered the words, “Justice Society of America”.  It was one of the best things ever said on television.  Plus Supergirl is pretty darn great, so hopefully she can be pretty darn great with all of her friends on the CW and fix this mess our superheroes are creating for themselves.

WB Put A Comic Book Guy In Charge Of DC Movies!

Thanks to Batman v Superman ‘only’ bringing in $860 Million worldwide and getting slammed by the critics, Warner Brothers has decided to shake up the people in charge of making DC movies.  In short Geoff Johns is the new head of DC Movies.  This move is meant to emulate having Kevin Feige in charge of Marvel Studios.  Despite how some people may feel about Johns’ work, he is definitely a comic book guy, and he understands the characters as well as just about anyone.  If you were hoping for DC movies to be more comic book-y, I think you are in luck.  I hope that long time Warner executive Jon Berg doesn’t get in his way too much.

Let’s Cast Booster Gold!


It has been a long time since I cast a lead role for a movie.  So far movie executives haven’t used any of my choices.  Their loss.  Today we are going to try and pick the perfect lovable jerk for Booster Gold.  It was hard to find guys that could do the job that aren’t already wearing tights, but here are my amazing choices in reverse order:

5: Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion Los Angeles premiere of 'The Amazing Spider-Man' held at the Regency Village Theatre - Arrivals Los Angeles, California - 28.06.12 Mandatory Credit: FayesVision/WENN.com

I know he is getting a little old for this, but no one plays a rogue better than Nathan, and if Batman and Superman are older why not Booster?  He would have to hit the gym, but I think he would pull it off aplomb.

4: Josh Holloway

Josh has already been a great rogue on TV, why not movies?  Plus he isn’t doing anything right now so he would be cheap.  I think he would fit right in with the cast of the Justice League, and he already has the golden locks.

3: Liam Hemsworth

There is just something about the Hemsworth boys that screams superhero.  With his stint as the third wheel in the Hunger Games being over, now is the perfect time to sign him up with a long term contract, and you would get a little Marvel/DC sibling rivalry going which would be fun.

2: Alan Tudyk

As we have learned from Marvel, funny men make great superheroes, and I think it is time for Alan to bulk up and don some tights!  Yes he is my second cast member from Firefly on this list, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be great as everyone’s least favorite Golden Boy.

1: Zac Efron

I was watching the trailer for Neighbors 2, and I was like, “That Zac Efron has sure come a long way.  Why isn’t he a hero yet?”.  Then it hit me.  He is funny, and he is a little jerky.  He is the perfect age for a long term deal.  Warner Brothers should lock him down.  If he came from the future to save me I would want to punch him.

There you have it.  That is my list for who should play Booster Gold.  If they decide to put Blue Beetle in this movie they should just team up Fillion and Tudyk and make everyone happy.  Well, make me happy anyway.  Who would you pick to be the hero no body wanted?

Why Hasn’t Season 2 Of Supergirl Been Announced? Money!


Supergirl had quite the year.  It started off slow and way to cheesy, but it ended up being my favorite superhero show.  However, despite solid but not great ratings CBS has not yet decided to pick up the show for a second season because they feel it is too expensive, and they want Warner Brothers to slash the budget.  Of course with the current budget the special effects on Supergirl have still been dodgy at times, so Warner Brothers doesn’t want make them any worse.

The Wrap is saying that if Warner Brothers does have to cut the budget that they would want to move the show to the CW were they would have more control over the future of the series, and so they could further integrate the Girl of Steel in to the Arrowverse.  Though both sides like the show on a major network, so getting it renewed on CBS is still plan ‘A’.

I honestly don’t care either way as long as Supergirl comes back next year.  While I like the higher production values CBS’s money brings to the table, The Flash crossover proved how much fun it would be to have Kara in the Arrowverse.  Maybe there could be some sort of Crisis on say multiple Earths to make her a permanent Earth One resident?  The end of May is quickly approaching, so we will not have to wait too much longer to find out Supergirl’s fate.

Batman V Superman Didn’t Live Up To Expectations. Now What?


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a total miss with the critics, and movie goers are fleeing auditoriums at record rates.  There aren’t many movies that make $800 Million worldwide and are considered failures, but BvS is considered exactly that.  The question now becomes, “What does Warner Brothers do now?”  Apparently the answer is double down.

Even with Batman v Superman ‘only’ earning $800 Million it has given Warner Brothers executives a taste of what superhero movies can do for their studio, but they also know that the clock is ticking as far as how long the spandex cash cow will last, so to retool their movie slate would cost them too much time and money.  All they can do now is try and make sure the next few movies in the DC Cinematic Universe are good so that Batman v Superman is quickly forgotten.  Judging by the amount of money they are now throwing at Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman they aren’t taking any chances.

The budgets for both of those movies have been given a significant boost after the historically bad second weekend for Batman v Superman.  People have been claiming it is has been to add more ‘funny’ scenes in to both of those films, but according to the directors the money has been pretty much for whatever they think will make the movies better.  In other words people loved Wonder Woman from BvS, and the Suicide Squad trailer got people excited, so Warner Brothers is trying to make sure they capitalize on the opportunity.

As for the Justice League movie that starts filming in a couple of weeks, it sounds like Zack Snyder is going to have to deal with a lot more suits around his shoots.  Pretty much every executive Warner Brothers has said they are going to be more involved with Justice League than they were with Batman v Superman.  I can only hope that means Justice League will be batter than Batman v Superman and not even more of a convoluted mess.

We will see if the extra money that has been pumped in to the Suicide Squad has paid off soon since the movie comes out in four short months.  The trailers have been fun, so hopefully the movie is as well.  Wonder Woman comes out early next year.