Blade Runner 2 Gets A Release Date, But Why?


Blade Runner 2 is coming out January 12, 2018, but why do we need one?  I didn’t always like Blade Runner, but now that I finally get it I am sort of upset they are making a sequel.  I mean Blade Runner was so influential it changed the way we see the future.  Not only in our minds, but almost every movie that takes place in a technologically advanced future copies its style in at least some way.  I am not sure that a sequel will be able to add anything to its story or lore in any meaningful way.  It is bound to be a disappointment.

Blade Runner may have been one of the few movies that got better with re-edits, but it was always still the same movie, just a slight different view of it.  A sequel will have to come up with something totally new while not trampling all over the movie that came before it, and I am not sure that will be possible.  For one thing it is going to answer the question of whether Rick Deckard is a Replicant or not, and that alone will make the first movie less fun because arguing about that fact is one of the reasons Blade Runner is still talked about today.

Blade Runner 2 is now officially happening, and I am very grumpy about it.  All I can do is hope that it is good, but the track record of movies that make sequels decades after the original is less than stellar.  Granted I will probably see it, so I am part of the problem, but sometimes I wish they would let classic Sci-Fi movies be.  They aren’t going to get any better than perfect.

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  1. Hopefully it will be good, because I always like a good sci-fi noir combination. But I think that in all reality, we don’t need another Blade Runner, the company that holds the licensing just needs money.

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