Black Mirror Gives Us Our Twilight Zone Fix!

Do you like strange stories with kind of a horror bent to them?  Black Mirror might be just what you are looking for.  Technically it is a series, but every episode is different and has different actors, though there are Easter Eggs and references to other episodes if you are looking for them.  If this is sounding like The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits, you would not be far off.

The biggest difference between Black Mirror and those other shows is that Black Mirror’s episodes all deal with technology gone wrong, or pushed to its limits.  Usually social media, but cell phones, surveillance, and other tech are all represented as well.  You will question how much you like all your devices by the end of each episode.

For the most part these episodes mostly just make you think about the state of technology in our lives, but some can be hard to watch.  The very first episode is famously graphic.  It is about a Prime Minister who has to do something unthinkable to save the life of a royal princess.  While it never actually shows anything, it is a rough watch.  It was kind of like the producers were saying, “If you can get through this, the rest will be a cake walk.”

Not all of Black Mirror’s episodes are great, but most do make you reconsider posting that picture of your bagel, and we are at a time when considering how much we let technology in to our lives is a hot topic for a lot of us, so if you need some ammo for why you think social media is bad, or you just miss The Twilight Zone, give Black Mirror a try.