Battlefield V Tries To Become Left 4 Dead III!

Well this was unexpected.  We were expecting a Battle Royal mode, which since they increased Battlefield V’s player count to 64, I am sure it is coming, but what we got was a new co-op mode with randomly generated objectives.  You and three other friends will do your best take on different scenarios from early parts of World War II.  As the game gets older, it will get later on in the war.  Also, there are no crates in Battlefield V.  You of course can buy cosmetics for your soldier, but you don’t need to.  They are hoping, that much like Fortnite, you will really need that scorpion bomber jacket, so you won’t mind throwing down your hard earned cash, or grinding your way to get it.

If fan reaction is anything to go by, people are really excited to head back to WWII with Battlefield.  All I know is that they had better remake Wake Island!  You can’t have a Battlefield in  WWII without it.  So if Battlefield’s tried and true gameplay with a little bit of Left 4 Dead excites you, Battlefield V launches this October.  I know I will probably be getting it, and yes, I will probably have a lady avatar!