Batman V Superman Take Two!


So even though I had middling feelings about BvS:DoJ I decided to go and check it out again over the weekend, and I have to say I thought it was better the second time around.  Understanding where all the plots were going really helped out.  Plus I knew all the stuff I could tune out.  Though I will say if I was the editor I would have taken a hatchet to Batman v Superman.

I love Amy Adams, but I would have killed her whole story arc.  It never made any sense.  Superman’s mountain walkabout? Gone.  He already gets advice from Ma Kent there is no need for more soul searching.  Justice League cameos?  I would have just copied Marvel and thrown them all after the credits.  That would have just left Wonder Woman (okay and someone else too), and that would have been enough.  Then if there was anything left that would have smoothed out some of the main stories on the cutting room floor I would have re-added those clips.  This movie would have been much better at two hours long.

Anyway like I said, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was actually better the second time, and I am now curious where everything goes from here.  Obviously we know the big bad guy will be Darkseid, or at least a Darkseid minion for Part 1, and he brings with him a whole bag of trouble.  I just hope audiences will not have to see the movies twice for them to make any sense.