Angie Tribeca Is The Naked Gun TV Show You Never Knew You Wanted!


Do you think dogs drinking lattes, people falling down open elevator shafts, or half naked men having very long slap fights are funny?  Do you have fond memories of the late great Leslie Nielsen seriously saying stupid stuff?  If your answers are yes to the questions above than you will love Angie Tribeca the new detective comedy on TBS staring Rashida Jones and created by Steve Carell.

Angie Tribeca (Rashida Jones), as you can guess, is a hard nosed detective that has issues with partners and authority, but she is the best detective on the force and is always able to solve the crime.  With the help of her partner of course.

With sooooo many cop shows on TV it is the perfect time to bring back the old school slapstick detective lampoon.  Plus it is refreshing in this age of more ‘realistic’ comedies ushered in by The Office to have something that is just out and out silly.  I understand coffee cups attached to fake dogs paws aren’t for everybody, but they makes me laugh, and it is nice to have someone else take a stab at the slapstick genre other than the Wayans brothers.

Rashida Jones who played the straight girl to Amy Poehler on Parks and Rec for so many years finally gets to let loose herself as Angie Tribeca, and her deadpan delivery of ridiculous dialog would make Leslie Nielsen proud.  The rest of the cast all bring their ‘A’ games as well quoting all their silly lines like they are of grave importance, or taking part in the multitude of pratfalls.

I love what I have seen of Angie Tribeca so far, but to be fair I also loved The Naked Gun.  If you don’t like slapstick comedy, Angie Tribeca will not be for you.  However, if you are like me and Leslie Nielsen is a personal hero you can watch the entire first season of Angie Tribeca right now On Demand, and you should.