A Game To Add To My Radar For Next Year: The Technomancer!

Apparently there was a game called Mars: War Logs that came out for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.  It was a digital only RPG.  It wasn’t well received due to the fact it was a little shallow, but mostly because it was a buggy mess.  Though it seems that the gaming public liked it more than the reviewers.  RPG players have always been a little more bug resilient than gamers at large.  Spiders Game Studio decided that they wanted to take another swing at it with The Technomancer.

I have to say if they can pull it off it has a cool setting, and I am always looking new good RPG.  It is always nice to see something that isn’t fantasy based, and if it is going to post apocalyptic at least it doesn’t appear to be a Fallout clone.  I will be watching The Technomancer’s progress with great interest.