47 Is Up To His Old Tricks In Bangkok!


After taking a step backwards in Marrakesh, Hitman is back firing on all cylinders in Bangkok.  While not everything about Episode 4 was perfect, it did go a long way to alleviate my fears that this murderous episodic journey was headed down the wrong path.  Marrakesh seems to have been more of a stumble than a change of direction.

In Hitman: Episode 4, Bangkok, 47 is tasked with delivering justice to a rich daddy’s boy musician that literally got away with murder, and the lawyer that circumvented the law to keep this rich brat out of jail.  Doing so will not be easy since they are both in an exclusive hotel with tight security, but as always 47 is more than up to the task.

What makes this episode work so well is that it uses the Bangkok map so effectively.  You have to use all the areas available to get to your targets.  Not to mention the Hotel must have been laid out by a crazy person.  The poor guests must always be getting lost, but the non-linear design forces 47 to stay on his toes and always be looking for his next route.  It also seems like they tweaked the opportunity system, so that it kind of clues you in to what you can do, but without completely spelling it out for you.   The security in this Hitman episode is really on the ball as well, so just because you are in disguise don’t think you can just go anywhere you want.  You will still have to stay out of sight and plan out your hits.

This bump in difficulty is appreciated.  The other maps have all been fun, but for the seasoned Hitman player they have all kind of been on the easy side.  That is not to say Hitman: Bangkok is hard, but just that it is not the relative breeze the other mission have been.  It is good that they are making the player get better at taking out targets.  All of this to say that Hitman: Episode 4, Bangkok, was a lot of fun, and I can’t wait to visit Colorado later this month.