With The Casting Of Key Justice Society Characters The CW Is Indeed Shaping Up To Be DC’s Earth 2!


According to IGN actress Sarah Grey is now the CW’s Stargirl on Legends of Tomorrow.   Stargirl is a key member of the Justice Society of America.  If you don’t know who Sarah Grey is here is a headshot for you:


Now I know nothing about Grey’s acting talent, but what is exciting is that my hope of the CW becoming DC’s live action Earth 2 are coming true.  Why do I say that you ask?  The Justice Society is the Justice League from Earth 2, so if they are going to be Legends of Tomorrow’s primary superhero crime fighting force that means the CW is owning its second Earth status.  Which is great.  I am all for the TV series being the timey wimey crazy DC earth.  Not to mention if they are officially Earth 2 it still leaves the opportunity open for a TV/Movie meet-up! They are announcing more Justice Society characters as they get closer to Legend’s second season, and I can’t wait!