Why All Excitement Over The Non-Announcement Of Warcraft 4?


So RTS (real time strategy) gamers everywhere lost their collective minds when Blizzard said they were open to making a Warcraft 4 once they shipped the third and final installment of StarCraft 2 this fall titled Legacy of the Void.  Now don’t get me wrong, the Warcraft games are super influential and they are thought of as some of the best ever made.  Plus without them Blizzard wouldn’t have had the universe for World of Warcraft, so I get that a new title in the franchise would be welcome news, but this is Blizzard we are talking about.  It has taken them five years to finish the StarCraft 2 expansions, and I shouldn’t even say that since Legacy of the Void hasn’t shipped yet.  There is still time for them to announce a delay.

Now to be fair I have never been a big RTS fan.  I am just not good at them and there are so many games to play that I never felt like I needed to invest the time to get proficient, so maybe I am just immune to the hype.  Still if Blizzard is just saying they are open to making a Warcraft 4 that means even if they do decide to make it, it will not be out for at least ten years, maybe more.  That is just the pace that this studio operates.  That means maybe my one year old daughter might be old enough to play it “should” it come out in our distant war torn future.  If you are excited for Warcraft 4, I don’t mean to rain on your parade, but I would take a deep breath and focus on other games for awhile.  Perhaps Total War: Warhammer could tide you over?