What Can We Learn From the Batman V Superman Trailer?


Well about eight million trailers came out over the weekend, and they were all pretty good, but I am going to discuss the Batman V Superman trailer for a little bit.  You can watch it again here to refresh your memory.  It was a pretty nuts trailer, and it was a teaser in the truest sense.  It showed a bunch of stuff without giving away any plot, or did it?

First off people have gone a little crazy for Superman.  I mean look at the picture above.  He is hanging out with The Warriors for some reason, and people keep kneeling down in front of him.  He clearly has some fans.  While they were showing people loving Superman, what people were saying about him was quite different.  People are unsure of him, and they don’t trust him.  The best line came from Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, “Devils don’t come from Hell beneath us, they come from the sky.”

I am guessing Luthor’s little speech is for Batman.  Batman doesn’t trust people with a lot of power (though he and Superman do become best friends), so Luthor is playing on Batman’s paranoia and letting Batman do all his heavy lifting.  It is a good plan.  They didn’t show it (they did show Superman working with the military though), but I am guessing Superman is getting similar speeches from the military about Batman.  Except more along the lines of, “can we trust someone who works on their own without any oversight?”  The military is big on oversight.

Finally we get the line that had twitter all a buzz.  Batman’s quote, “Tell me, do you bleed?”  I am glad Bruce spent some of his money on a voice modulator.  That should save him quite a bit on throat lozenges.  I am guessing after that they do what superheroes do best, they fight until they become friends.  Which is the real question I have with this movie.  How long is the fighting until they are friends going to take?  Will it be like the first hour, and then they will figure out that they were duped.  Then they will team up to take down Lex and tell the military to get their own hitman?  That would leave an hour for the rest of the Justice League, or will that take two hours and the Justice League stuff will be like fifteen minutes.  It is hard to say, but it will be a long ten months to find out.