Westworld Actually Answered All Our Questions Before Getting Us To Ask New Ones!


Most shows usually make us ask a bunch of questions, but then they never really answer them.  They know you will tune in week to week in hope that you will finally learn something.  Thankfully Westworld is not most shows.  No in Westworld’s hour and a half long finale it did its best to answer most of the audience’s questions before of course getting them to ask a few more just before the credits roll.

For a series that got a reputation for sex and violence, looking back it is amazing how restrained it was.  While Westworld did indeed show us just about everything, it was always shown as though we were the observer to some grim simulation.  It didn’t take us in first hand to titillate us.  It was always saying, “Look at what these terrible people are doing!”  Not until the robots started to come alive did the violence even start to register.

After the setup that this season gave us, next season should be crazy.  I am not even sure how they are going to fill ten episodes with what they teased.  That being the case its going to be over a year before Westworld season 2 hits, and it will be a long wait.  I was skeptical that a Sci-Fi classic needed a reboot, but HBO has done something special with Westworld, and I am sure Michael Crichton would have approved (though he always seemed to approve what made him money).