We Get To See Supergirl In Action!


I wasn’t going to talk about trailers all this week, but that terrible Jem and the Holograms trailer yesterday forced my hand, and now CBS released their trailer for their new show Supergirl.

The first thing I thought when watching this trailer was that you can tell it is being made by the same people making The Flash.  Same light tone and crazy action, so I was surprised by all the hate it was getting on social media.  Yeah it is not perfect, pilots rarely are, and it is clear that she is the female version of Clark Kent, and not the spunky teen cheerleader Linda Lee Danvers from the comic books, but that is fine.  It is what people are familiar with when a person named ‘Super’ is around.

The only thing I wasn’t a big fan of was the Devil Wears Prada rip-off with Calista Flockhart as her annoying boss.  If they can retool that part of the show before it launches next year that would help out a lot.  I am looking forward to it, and besides The Flash she will definitely be the biggest superhero on TV.  With all the superhero TV shows on the air now, there will not be a lot of time for shows not based off a comic books.  It is a hard time to be a geek.  There is just too much stuff to watch.