Warner Bro. Delivers Two Massive Trailers For San Diego Comic Con!

While Disney still delivers a few things at San Diego Comic Con, most of their news comes out of D23, but that lets DC/Warner Bros. kind of run amok.  Which is fun for the fans to see.  This year they had tons of news about their comics and TV shows, but the biggest bombs were these two trailers.  First up is Justice League:

This trailer gives us more of what we saw in the first trailer, with five of the original Justice League members (and a sixth teased) strutting their stuff.  Not surprisingly they upped the Wonder Woman content since she officially became the highest grossing movie of the summer domestically over the weekend.  We finally get to see some of Cyborg’s moves in action.  Though Aquaman continues to steal every shot he is in, and The Flash is still good for the laughs.

Next up Ready Player One:

As Stefon would say, “This trailer has everything!”  And he would be right.  Players play Joust, Harley Quinn and Deathstroke are out on a date night, the Iron Freaking Giant is just out and about, and just about every important geek-mobile is in a crazy race!  The book was just non-stop pop culture references, and the trailer seems to indicate that movie will be the same way.  I can’t wait.

What was your favorite trailer from SDCC, or any news that you found interesting?