Walking Dead Season 7 Started The Way We Thought It Would…


The Walking Dead season seven episode one answered to the question, “Who did Negan Kill?”, and Rick and the gang were thrown in to disarray.  What else happened?  Not a lot.  I will say even though we all knew what was coming, episode one was a bit of a gut punch.  I hope that season seven continues to be interesting and doesn’t end up being a bunch of filler episodes until the group finally mans up and takes Negan out.  We can all hope right?

I mean the question is not if the group can take out Negan, it is how long it will take for them to get resourceful enough to do it.  I am betting Negan is gone one episode after the mid-season break.  There will be a cliffhanger over the Christmas holiday.  The Walking Dead loves its cliffhangers.  The show still has my interest, but my enthusiasm for it is waning.  I think it may be time for the producers to start thinking how they want this all to end.