The Trouble With The Elder Scrolls Online!


I have played in The Elder Scrolls Online beta quite a bit, and I can say it is one of the best Massively Multiplayer Online games I have ever played.  That being the case, I will not be playing it when it comes out.  My friends know that MMOs are my least favorite genre of games, and TESO does nothing to change that.  It is the same as just about every other MMO out there, except it is extremely polished, and full of content.

If you like MMOs that last paragraph should be very exciting for you.  TESO is the best World of Warcraft clone I have ever seen.  It has a deep story, they have added first person combat, and a good blocking and dodging system, but for me The Elder Scrolls has always been about my hero’s journey.  It is hard to buy that I am the chosen one if I cannot affect the world I am playing in, and everyone is lining up to hear the same plot points I just heard.  Plus when you are sent to some dark cave to find something and there are twenty other people in there it kind of ruins the exploration, and I don’t want to wait around to party up so I can go and complete my quests.

These are the same problems every other MMO has, so if you don’t mind these things, than The Elder Scrolls Online should be high on your list of games to play.  If you are like me, and you have never liked the MMO genre, than The Elder Scrolls Online will not change your mind.  It is simply the best of an existing genre, it doesn’t push it forward and become something new.  I am sure that TESO will have an open beta soon, and I do think you should give it a try when it does, but this game is just not for me.  I hope they come out with The Elder Scrolls 6 soon!